Various character walks around the crock with hands.

People and Animals,various character walks around the crock with hand.
You can pick up 6 different characters maximally as a group,and available to change it anytime.

You can change the pace characters' walking speed.

We have various speed types, such as 1 loop set as a second hand or 1 loop set as long hand.
If you have same speed walking character, you can make them walk together.Please make many groups of character in a different pace walking speed, Enjoy it.

We have 5 different stages. Please find your favorite one.

Let's set up your and your loved ones' birthday together and celebrate together.

Let's set up your and your loved ones' birthday.
When the birthday came, the interface of stage will be dressed up.
Your can share happiness at your loved ones' birthday, and will have special feeling if it is your birthday.
Let's start setting up many birthdays.

If you check

When the long hand pointed top, (0:00,1:00,2:00,3:00…) clock will show you time and small magic.
This happens only for 30seconds, please do not miss it.

You can upload your favorite clock pictures to your twitter or save into your album.

You can take a picture from "TicktackPlanet" and use as a picture data, so you can save in your album, send picture through e-mail, and upload to Twitter. Also you can use your picture as a background picture.
If you want to upload on your twitter,you can put right time when you took a picture, so you can tweet on the right time.

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Hardware: iPhone4, iPhone 3GS
Software: iOS3.4 software or later.
0.99$ | 115yen
Design,Programing,Illustration : unouplus
Thanks : Rumiko Nangou & Yosuke Torii
What's New
  • 2011.06.27 Release
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